Welcome to This Grey Oerth!

Sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Well, in this particular incarnation of Greyhawk, things can get pretty heavy, and scary, and bloody, and dangerous. That said… don’t expect to live too long! Yay! In my opinion, that’s great news, because who wants to play a campaign where there is no danger? Where you have no fear of being beheaded after triggering a swinging scythe trap? Or being stomped into mangled mush and slush by frost giants, or having your intestines eaten by cave fishers in the depths of a labyrinthine cave, while you are paralyzed… and watching. Not me! And hopefully, not you, my formidable, brave, stalwart, nimble, and probably Elvish, adventurer!

But don’t despair, it’s not really all that deadly… or is it? Join the fray, and see! In the meantime, check out the wiki to study up on your new world.

This Grey Oerth

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