This Grey Oerth

Back to Oachloch Grove

L'wyndll returns to Oakloch Grove to drive out the kobolds.


Game day: 11/28/12

Waterday, 5 Richfest
After resting Midsummer’s Day (Godsday, 4 Richfest), you return to Khorel, who insisted you discuss your training options and get started right away.

When you return he takes you back along the trail to the thick lush area where you met up with him two weeks ago. This time instead of following the trail, he tells you to take hold of his cloak and follow him directly into what seems like impassable plant growth. You both pass through with ease and arrive in a beautiful secluded grove. Khorel explains that this is his sacred grove.

Another, much younger, man is here and is introduced as Pelar, an Initiate of the 1st Circle. He excuses himself for some small task for Khorel, but quickly seems to have returned only dressed differently, and being followed by bees. He seems unconcerned about the bees however.

It turns out this is Pelar’s twin brother, Pelan, also an Initiate of the 1st Circle. Both the twins live in the grove, training with and serving Khorel.

They are both charismatic young men, and poke fun at each others’ chosen path, Pelan with an obvious affinity for insects, and Pelar with intent to follow Khorel’s path as a guardian of the forest.

Khorel presents the different druidical paths to you and says he will give you time to think it over. The option that appeals to you most is that of a Shapeshifter druid.

Before you make your decision, Khorel asks you to return to the grove near Oakloch to drive the kobolds out. He said he sent his squirrel, Nutty, to investigate. Nutty spoke with Bergrndn, a forest gnome who had witnessed your encounter with the kobolds, and had been watching them for some time. They are apparently mining and destroying the roots and soil beneath the oak grove. They must be chased away.

You are to leave in the morning. Pelan and Pelar will accompany you.

TASK: Drive the kobolds out of Oakloch Grove

Earthday, 6 Richfest
You head out in the morning this time, not needing the moonlight to collect mistletoe by.
Khorel teaches you two new spells for this outing:

  • Command
  • Cure Light Wounds

You take the following equipment:

  • Dagger (on loan from Khorel)
  • Leather cuirass (on loan from Khorel)
  • Silver bowl and sickle
  • Mistletoe (8 bunches)
  • Potion of Cure Poison (given from Khorel)

You arrive late morning and see that the bodies of the kobolds that were slain by the spider are gone. You tell the twins that the spider went into the hole after the remaining kobold.
Removing the old wooden shield that serves as a makeshift door, you descend into the hole via a rope ladder that is tacked into the side of the opening.

Pelan casts Light on his shield to aid him and Pelar, since they do not have your infravision. You head into the recently carved caves.

You find a beat up dagger (probably dropped by a kobold) lying in the tunnel and decide to keep it.

You find a room that appears to be a storage room. There are severed oak roots sticking through the far wall and ceiling. There are a few bags of what appears to be a stale musty bread. On closer examination, you see that they are made out of smashed insects. You decide to not tell Pelan, so as not to upset him. There are also a couple of barrels, one with skunky ale and one with stale water. A couple usable pick axes are leaning in the corner, as well as a broken one on the floor. You decide a pick axe might come in handy, and take one of the good ones.

Two giant rats come around a corner and attack you as you leave this room. You all take a few points of damage. Pelar ends up killing both rats with his staff. You and Pelan do no damage.
Pelar then casts Cure Light Wounds on himself.

You then find a large room that appears to be both a dining area and sleeping quarters. There is a low table, bench and four stools. The table is strewn with bones and bits of the bug bread, and stained with grease and blood. There is a smaller table, with two more stools, which has some cleaned knuckle bones and squirrel and rat skulls. It looks like the makings of some kind of game.

There are grass and dirt bed rolls in the southern area of the room. More severed oak tree roots stick out along the west wall and in the ceiling.

Heading onward down the corridor, you find the deflated body of the huge spider with a pick axe in its back.

You find a sack containing 6 silver nuggets buried in an alcove off the main tunnel. It looks as if someone was trying to hide them.

You pass by a largish tunnel heading off east. And then consider going down a second, smaller passage to the east, until you get a whiff of the smell coming from it. It appears to be their latrine, so you continue on past.

You find two more bags of silver nuggets in a wheelbarrow where the corridor widens out.

Entering another large, rough-hewn cavern, a new stench greets your senses: the smell of decaying flesh. You find a pile of dead kobolds stacked in the center of this room. You decide to search them for valuables. You manage to find a useable javelin, but nothing else.

The far south wall of this room appears to have collapsed in from the mining, and opened into another area, likely not created by the kobolds.

In this other area, you notice yet another foul smell, and find two creatures that look like lizard men, but are in fact, troglodytes. They attack.

Pelar casts Hold Person, freezing one in place.
Pelan casts Heat Metal on the other to make it drop its weapon and causing it damage.
You cast Command, stopping it in its tracks.

Another troglodyte shows up and you hear more coming yet.
Pelar casts Command on this new one, stopping it.

You decide to run.

Good plan.

TASK COMPLETE: The kobolds were actually all already dead.
Items acquired:
Pick axe
(All 3 weapons sold for 1gp total)
8 bags silver nuggets (traded in for 90sp)
Total Money Gained: 10gp
Total Adventure XP: 135
Total GP Value XP: 10
Total XP Gained: 145



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